Majestic Croatia


Plitvice Waterfalls

Have you ever dreamt of a place that encompassed the exotic feel of a foreign land while retaining the sophistication of Europe? A vacation destination that offered: distinct beauty, fine culture, and lively citizens? If the answer is ‘Yes’ then Croatia is undoubtedly the country you might seriously consider for an upcoming visit.

When I first began research on a handful of Eastern European countries as the possible setting for my upcoming novel, Captured in Croatia, I couldn’t help but become enamored with this unique country that seems to have it all. Nestled in the center of Croatia you will find the capital of Zagreb, which offers the finest architecture and chic culture that you would ever hope to find in a small European country. A exclusive nightclub in Zagreb happens to be where my headstrong American heroine, Carew Sloan, initially meets up with her ultimate challenge in the darkly seductive Croatian bodyguard, Zoran Vranic. Their thrilling journey leads them to several breathtaking settings throughout this majestic country, and not all of those are willingly on her part!

If you’re a nature lover, the Dalmatian Islands which pepper the azure hued coastline of Croatia are certain to leave you breathless and longing for an extended vacation. I was thrilled to learn about the Plitvice National Park that lies in the Southern region of the country. Plitvice (Above) hosts sixteen turquoise colored lakes that are all connected by stunning waterfalls. The park is truly an awe-inspiring place in both tranquility as well as scenic beauty. The majority of the novel takes place near this wondrous location.

The Croatian people are warm, engaging and friendly. One of my close friends, Gordana Gehlhausen, happens to be from a tiny town near the border of Croatia and Serbia. I have yet to visit her magnificent country, but I greatly appreciate her keen assistance in the translations for the novel.

I would love to share thoughts on travel with you! Feel free to drop me a note below!

Xx, -Christine


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The Lingerie We Crave



What is it about couture lingerie that leaves men breathless and women longing to seduce them to the point of begging?

There happen to be a few companies on the planet that provide such extravagant delicacies that range from the ‘Innocent siren’ look to the ‘Wicked bondage babe.’ Agent Provocateur along with Bordelle (Both British companies) hit the bullseye if you’re in the market for the ultimate in ‘make his heart trip-up’ apparel. In actuality, the divine pieces are more like mini works of art that are crafted from the finest silks and materials and designed to sheer perfection. Personally, I have never felt sexier then when I’m wearing a gorgeous set from these first class design houses.

I adore incorporating seductive, wispy outfits into my novels because any heroine worth her weight deserves to be dressed to thrill! In my latest release, Nabbed in New Zealand, the lead character, a dom named Brocan Judge, makes the ‘Request’ that Valla dress for him in a dangerously decadent outfit by Bordelle. It’s safe to say that it has the desired effect!

So gentleman, we’ll make it easy on you, we understand how visual you are, so a little pink box with a black silk ribbon from either of the above companies will leave us at your mercy…and what could honestly be more delicious than that?

Nabbed in New Zealand will release on Valentine’s Day.

If you also have a craving for sexy lingerie, please share your thoughts!




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“What is it about those sexy bikers?”


Whenever I see a bad boy biker speeding through traffic it inevitably has the same mesmerizing effect on me: racing heart rate, damp panties and breathless interest. So, I have to ask, just what is it that makes bikers so damn sexy?

Let’s begin with their sinful attire of mostly black leather. I mean come on, is there anything on earth more seductive than black leather stretched deliciously across broad shoulders? The heavy leather boots they sport screams ‘dangerous’ and most of them wear faded jeans or leather pants that meld perfectly against their sexy biker asses. Add in the dark element of a mysterious black helmet that boldly states, ‘I’m wicked’ and you have the perfect package of a drool-worthy biker.


Alreck Falstad, the lead hero in Naughty in Norway, is just such a dangerous biker. He lives by his own code and is utterly confident in himself. His hair is long and wild and his tattoos are such an integral part of him that it’s as if he was simply born to be a biker.

Perhaps it’s their nearly tangible independent streak, or their spirit of adventure that draws us to these bad boys. Whatever the case, when I see one of these men flying down the highway with that supremely hot combo of steel and leather vibrating hard between their strong legs, well let’s just say it gets my motor purring at full speed!

Do bikers turn you on? Have you ever dated one? Thoughts on this topic?

All the best,



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The Sensual Lure of a Foreign Accent

We’ve all experienced it. Perhaps you were wandering through an Ikea, or in line at a Starbucks when you heard the mysterious purr for the first time. The words didn’t really matter; it was the way that it was said so seductively. So, just exactly what is it about a man with a foreign accent that makes us want to get naked and horizontal inside of six seconds?
Perhaps it’s the smoothness of the speech, or the way the words flow from their lips that notches up the hotness factor? Whenever I hear a man with a thick foreign accent, be it Eastern European (My personal favorite) or perhaps a Kiwi from New Zealand, my eyes nearly close in appreciation as I listen intently to their exotic voices.
Alreck Falstad, the Norwegian bad boy hero biker from Naughty in Norway has just such an accent. His seductive lilt and rumbly tone draws the American heroine, Vail, in like a moth to a flame. Imagine a beautiful man whispering in a lulling accent softly against your ear and if he often switches to his foreign language even better!
Have you ever dated a man with a foreign accent? Ever wish to? Thoughts on this topic?
All the best,
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A Fiery Inspiration For NAUGHTY IN NORWAY


The History Channel debuted it’s new series “VIKING’S” in 2013. I was immediately transfixed by the raw passion of the Norwegian based series. The central character is a intense and highly intelligent man named Ragnar Lodbrok. His stoic nature and warrior heart aided in inspiring me to create the lead hero Alreck from my novel titled NAUGHTY IN NORWAY.

Writing the novel gave me a wonderful opportunity to explore Norwegian culture and language. I was very conscious to make certain aspects of the novel as historically accurate as possible. The locations, food and phrases are all well known by Norwegians. My biggest challenges were to bring forth the beauty of the geography as well as the intense, underlying passion of Alreck’s personality.

After researching bikers in Scandinavia I was enlightened to the fact that there are several distinct motorcycle clubs within Oslo alone. Being the modern day warrior that he is it was only fitting that I write Alreck as a Harley Davidson riding sexy biker.

Season two of Vikings will begin in 2014. NAUGHTY IN NORWAY releases from Fanny Press on November 1st, 2013.

Enjoy the book!

Love and Cuddles,




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Canada: A Place Where the Imagination Can Run Wild

Christine Edwards Whistler, BC #3The mountains of Western Canada are full of mysterious beauty. As an avid skier, I have been fortunate enough to glide down slopes all over the world, yet it’s the awe-inspiring scenery that I encountered in Whistler, British Columbia, that carved a special place into my heart, thus leading to my initial inspiration to pen CLAIMED IN CANADA.

I stayed in a rustic yet chic chalet-style home that was filled with Native Indian masks and art along with fantastic woodwork everywhere your eye wandered. It was quite easy for me to allow my imagination to run wild. Outdoors I would often ski for long periods of time without seeing another soul. Although I only encountered deer and rabbits within the forest just off the slopes I was more than aware of dangerous creatures (bears and cougars) that call the frozen mountain their home. One would certainly not want go off of a run and become lost in the forests on the mountain, especially at night or during a swiftly moving storm where your visibility would be severely limited. I wanted to blend all of this intense drama and beauty into CLAIMED IN CANADA, thinking that it would be exciting to save all of the danger for my fabulous heroine.

Christine Edwards Whistler, BC #1

With main character, Violet London, I envisioned a curious, smart heroine who travels headlong into the Yukon Territory of the Western Canadian Wilderness to study a pack of elusive wolves. Pondering who could be a match for such a unique female I constructed Luke Benoit, a stern yet complex French Canadian Logger who, from the moment he sets eyes on the seductively beautiful Violet, knows he must possess her.

From the tops of the stunning peaks of the snow-capped mountains to the hip village that harbors first class restaurants, bars and shops, Whistler, B.C., has something for even the most discriminating traveler. The romantic aura of the mountain will leave you breathless!

Hugs and Love,


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