The Sensual Lure of a Foreign Accent

We’ve all experienced it. Perhaps you were wandering through an Ikea, or in line at a Starbucks when you heard the mysterious purr for the first time. The words didn’t really matter; it was the way that it was said so seductively. So, just exactly what is it about a man with a foreign accent that makes us want to get naked and horizontal inside of six seconds?
Perhaps it’s the smoothness of the speech, or the way the words flow from their lips that notches up the hotness factor? Whenever I hear a man with a thick foreign accent, be it Eastern European (My personal favorite) or perhaps a Kiwi from New Zealand, my eyes nearly close in appreciation as I listen intently to their exotic voices.
Alreck Falstad, the Norwegian bad boy hero biker from Naughty in Norway has just such an accent. His seductive lilt and rumbly tone draws the American heroine, Vail, in like a moth to a flame. Imagine a beautiful man whispering in a lulling accent softly against your ear and if he often switches to his foreign language even better!
Have you ever dated a man with a foreign accent? Ever wish to? Thoughts on this topic?
All the best,
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