“What is it about those sexy bikers?”


Whenever I see a bad boy biker speeding through traffic it inevitably has the same mesmerizing effect on me: racing heart rate, damp panties and breathless interest. So, I have to ask, just what is it that makes bikers so damn sexy?

Let’s begin with their sinful attire of mostly black leather. I mean come on, is there anything on earth more seductive than black leather stretched deliciously across broad shoulders? The heavy leather boots they sport screams ‘dangerous’ and most of them wear faded jeans or leather pants that meld perfectly against their sexy biker asses. Add in the dark element of a mysterious black helmet that boldly states, ‘I’m wicked’ and you have the perfect package of a drool-worthy biker.


Alreck Falstad, the lead hero in Naughty in Norway, is just such a dangerous biker. He lives by his own code and is utterly confident in himself. His hair is long and wild and his tattoos are such an integral part of him that it’s as if he was simply born to be a biker.

Perhaps it’s their nearly tangible independent streak, or their spirit of adventure that draws us to these bad boys. Whatever the case, when I see one of these men flying down the highway with that supremely hot combo of steel and leather vibrating hard between their strong legs, well let’s just say it gets my motor purring at full speed!

Do bikers turn you on? Have you ever dated one? Thoughts on this topic?

All the best,



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