The Lingerie We Crave



What is it about couture lingerie that leaves men breathless and women longing to seduce them to the point of begging?

There happen to be a few companies on the planet that provide such extravagant delicacies that range from the ‘Innocent siren’ look to the ‘Wicked bondage babe.’ Agent Provocateur along with Bordelle (Both British companies) hit the bullseye if you’re in the market for the ultimate in ‘make his heart trip-up’ apparel. In actuality, the divine pieces are more like mini works of art that are crafted from the finest silks and materials and designed to sheer perfection. Personally, I have never felt sexier then when I’m wearing a gorgeous set from these first class design houses.

I adore incorporating seductive, wispy outfits into my novels because any heroine worth her weight deserves to be dressed to thrill! In my latest release, Nabbed in New Zealand, the lead character, a dom named Brocan Judge, makes the ‘Request’ that Valla dress for him in a dangerously decadent outfit by Bordelle. It’s safe to say that it has the desired effect!

So gentleman, we’ll make it easy on you, we understand how visual you are, so a little pink box with a black silk ribbon from either of the above companies will leave us at your mercy…and what could honestly be more delicious than that?

Nabbed in New Zealand will release on Valentine’s Day.

If you also have a craving for sexy lingerie, please share your thoughts!




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