Majestic Croatia


Plitvice Waterfalls

Have you ever dreamt of a place that encompassed the exotic feel of a foreign land while retaining the sophistication of Europe? A vacation destination that offered: distinct beauty, fine culture, and lively citizens? If the answer is ‘Yes’ then Croatia is undoubtedly the country you might seriously consider for an upcoming visit.

When I first began research on a handful of Eastern European countries as the possible setting for my upcoming novel, Captured in Croatia, I couldn’t help but become enamored with this unique country that seems to have it all. Nestled in the center of Croatia you will find the capital of Zagreb, which offers the finest architecture and chic culture that you would ever hope to find in a small European country. A exclusive nightclub in Zagreb happens to be where my headstrong American heroine, Carew Sloan, initially meets up with her ultimate challenge in the darkly seductive Croatian bodyguard, Zoran Vranic. Their thrilling journey leads them to several breathtaking settings throughout this majestic country, and not all of those are willingly on her part!

If you’re a nature lover, the Dalmatian Islands which pepper the azure hued coastline of Croatia are certain to leave you breathless and longing for an extended vacation. I was thrilled to learn about the Plitvice National Park that lies in the Southern region of the country. Plitvice (Above) hosts sixteen turquoise colored lakes that are all connected by stunning waterfalls. The park is truly an awe-inspiring place in both tranquility as well as scenic beauty. The majority of the novel takes place near this wondrous location.

The Croatian people are warm, engaging and friendly. One of my close friends, Gordana Gehlhausen, happens to be from a tiny town near the border of Croatia and Serbia. I have yet to visit her magnificent country, but I greatly appreciate her keen assistance in the translations for the novel.

I would love to share thoughts on travel with you! Feel free to drop me a note below!

Xx, -Christine


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