A Fiery Inspiration For NAUGHTY IN NORWAY


The History Channel debuted it’s new series “VIKING’S” in 2013. I was immediately transfixed by the raw passion of the Norwegian based series. The central character is a intense and highly intelligent man named Ragnar Lodbrok. His stoic nature and warrior heart aided in inspiring me to create the lead hero Alreck from my novel titled NAUGHTY IN NORWAY.

Writing the novel gave me a wonderful opportunity to explore Norwegian culture and language. I was very conscious to make certain aspects of the novel as historically accurate as possible. The locations, food and phrases are all well known by Norwegians. My biggest challenges were to bring forth the beauty of the geography as well as the intense, underlying passion of Alreck’s personality.

After researching bikers in Scandinavia I was enlightened to the fact that there are several distinct motorcycle clubs within Oslo alone. Being the modern day warrior that he is it was only fitting that I write Alreck as a Harley Davidson riding sexy biker.

Season two of Vikings will begin in 2014. NAUGHTY IN NORWAY releases from Fanny Press on November 1st, 2013.

Enjoy the book!

Love and Cuddles,




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